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  • $15.20 4MM 150M 20.0GB DDS4 - DGD150P
    Sony manufactures a wide range of premium quality products designed to keep your most valuable asset - your data. This data cartridge features high reliability high capacity small size and superior Sony quality. The exclusive Sony certification...
  • $150.00 4MM 150M 20GB DDS4 10 PACK - 10DGD150P
  • $15.22 4MM 150M DDS4 - CDM40
    Quantum-branded cartridges are verified to be compliant with industry interchange standards. In addition sample lots are continually tested to guarantee that they meet rigorous Quantum quality and performance standards. For maximum assurance of the...
  • $16.79 4MM 36-72GB DAT72 - 18P7912
  • $12.79 4MM 36-72GB DAT72 - 200200
  • $20.68 4MM 36-72GB DAT72 - 26046172
  • $16.27 4MM 36-72GB DAT72 - 94923
  • $15.21 4MM 36-72GB DAT72 - CDM72
    Only Quantum supplies are certified to meet the strict performance and quality specifications defined by Quantum engineers. Quantum data cartridges are engineered and specified to perform optimally with Quantum tape drives! Tape drives and data...
  • $11.72 4MM 36-72GB DAT72 - DGDAT72
    Sony the co-inventor of DDS format is pleased to announce the introduction of DGDAT72 Sony DAT72 data cartridge. This new platform is capable of storing 36GB (native) on one piece of Sony DAT72 media (80% more capacity than DDS-4). Sony
  • $3.33 4MM 60M 1.3GB DDS1 - DG60P//A3
    The DG60P 4mm cassette from Sony offers a 366 Kbit/sec data transfer rate and endures up to 1 000 write/rewrite cycles. It features a heat resistant shell which withstands high temperature and anti-static shell attracting less dust and helping...
  • $2.99 4MM 90M 2.0GB DDS1 - 331910
    The Maxell Corporation of America is a leading manufacturer of consumer and professional media products including audiotape and accessories videocassettes and accessories computer data storage media batteries diskettes optical products and...
  • $3.95 4MM 90M 2.0GB DDS1 - 42818
    Imation 4mm DDS Data Cartridges Unsurpassed in quality & reliability Imation 4mm DDS Data Cartridges give you data grade cartridges with protective backcoating. Our cartridges are compatible with DDS 1-4 drives and offer up to 20GB native...
  • $4.11 4MM 90M 2.0GB DDS1 - C5706A
    4GB compressed 90m 1 pk
  • $3.33 4MM 90M 2.0GB DDS1 - dg90p//a3
    This 4mm DDS tape cartridge is 90 meters long and stores 2GB of uncompressed data and 4GB of compressed data. Sony's DDS (Digital Data Storage) cartridges last up to 1 000 write/rewrite cycles feature a heat resistant shell that withstands high...
  • $4.01 4MM CLEANING TAPE - 26049006
    Superfine Metallix Technology and DDS-4mm. Compact and reliable with superior cost-performance. DDS (4mm) are the ideal solution to high-volume backup and archiving requirements.